Brecht Evens, Ben Gijsemans, Olivier Schrauwen, Simon Spruyt and Guido van Driel will be part of the Parade in Erlangen. The magazine will be made in the town hall of Erlangen. There, on the spot, they will draw and print it on the Risograph. The project is being managed by Randall Casaer and Joost Swarte, with the participation of the graphic artists Jeroen Funke (Lamelos), Wasco and Charlotte Dumortier. ‘Parade’ will be in a 20-page, A5 format magazine and feature comics from the Netherlands and Flanders. It will also include contributions from graphic novelists not be with us at Erlangen. Four issues will be produced in Erlangen in a very limited edition. In the Netherlands and Flanders you can follow all this at www.frankfurt2016.com.

In October, Flanders and the Netherlands will be guest of honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair. In the run-up, dozens of Dutch and Flemish authors are already billed at major festivals in Germany. This applies to all genres, from poetry and prose to graphic novels. In that context, from 26 to 29 May – in collaboration with the Flemish Literature Fund, the Netherlands Foundation for Literature and the Frankfurt 2016 team – the Erlangen Festival is presenting two exhibitions, a live drawing workshop and the magazine, ‘Parade’.